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Art dump Undertale by Fluffeh-Shiba Art dump Undertale :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 5 1 Judgement by Fluffeh-Shiba Judgement :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 6 3 Alphys by Fluffeh-Shiba Alphys :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 5 7
MercyTale : Chapter 1
Continuing through the tunnel, she soon found that the tunnel lead to a large, lavender door, already opened, the last person who came through obviously didn't seem to care much about closing them.
    Walking inside the doors, she found that inside was an entire structure made out of the same lavender stone. Pillars lined the walls, but some had fallen over and crumbled. All in all, the place looked completely ruined, as if no one had been in there for years.
    Shrugging, the child then continued on through the ruined buildings. Finding old, deactivated puzzles that where never reset, random piles of some sort of dust spread about here and here, and marks on the wall that looked as if they had come from a knife.
    Through one of the doors she found a view of what looked like an entire city in ruins. And more piles of dust.
    The dust piles had her somewhat concerned. She remembered that once in a class, that the teacher had said monsters t
:iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 2 3
I can't Accept your Mercy by Fluffeh-Shiba I can't Accept your Mercy :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 16 10 Azarha  by Fluffeh-Shiba Azarha :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 2 6 Happy Birthday, Alice! by Fluffeh-Shiba Happy Birthday, Alice! :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 6 61
MercyTale : Prologue
    It was relatively quiet, when she awoke. The golden flowers surrounding her, their soft petals tickling her face.
    Raising into a sitting position, Her sky blue eyes glancing around the surrounding area, taking in as much detail as possible.
    It was a relatively large cavern, four pillars, each made of some kind of lavender colored stone, where surrounding the patch of golden flowers she had fallen on, and while most of the cavern was cloaked in darkness, she could just barely make out the entrance of a tunnel not to far from her.
    Standing up, somewhat wobbly, she brushed a few strands of blond hair out of her face, and shook off some of the dirt and dust that had gotten on her green and blue shirt and shorts.
    Looking upward, it was obvious that going back wasn't and option, but she simply shrugged and started on her way to the tunnel nearby, not seeming to care about getting back up.
Besides, she had something she nee
:iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 1 3
Error Sans by Fluffeh-Shiba Error Sans :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 12 14 MercyTale Sans and Tem Concept by Fluffeh-Shiba MercyTale Sans and Tem Concept :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 1 0 Shimeji Sans Everywhere by Fluffeh-Shiba Shimeji Sans Everywhere :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 4 2 Meowth Collar by Fluffeh-Shiba Meowth Collar :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 2 6 Kuro  by Fluffeh-Shiba Kuro :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 8 0 Underfell : Sanseon and Papyrdoom by Fluffeh-Shiba Underfell : Sanseon and Papyrdoom :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 10 29 Reapertale Sans by Fluffeh-Shiba Reapertale Sans :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 5 0 Reshiram by Fluffeh-Shiba Reshiram :iconfluffeh-shiba:Fluffeh-Shiba 9 6
Here is stuff I did recently. enjoy~!


[COMIC] Undertale - Nope!! by janis-roxas [COMIC] Undertale - Nope!! :iconjanis-roxas:janis-roxas 195 46 [Dialogue less comic] - Bad Timing by janis-roxas [Dialogue less comic] - Bad Timing :iconjanis-roxas:janis-roxas 271 111 Grillby's by MyHeartGold Grillby's :iconmyheartgold:MyHeartGold 228 45 Night time by MyHeartGold Night time :iconmyheartgold:MyHeartGold 341 103 Snowball-Nyeh! by AmSheegar Snowball-Nyeh! :iconamsheegar:AmSheegar 336 51 Papyrus needs spaghetti by Chaosreign Papyrus needs spaghetti :iconchaosreign:Chaosreign 478 38 Sans Doodle by Chaosreign Sans Doodle :iconchaosreign:Chaosreign 272 19 spooky scary skelebros by an-artist-complex spooky scary skelebros :iconan-artist-complex:an-artist-complex 400 14 hot beverage by an-artist-complex hot beverage :iconan-artist-complex:an-artist-complex 880 44 Grillby's by Akusuru Grillby's :iconakusuru:Akusuru 1,898 72 At Grillby's by Avielsusej At Grillby's :iconavielsusej:Avielsusej 1,207 162 A Peaceful Ending by ReggieHedgie A Peaceful Ending :iconreggiehedgie:ReggieHedgie 3,638 239 Papyrus Caught a Human by ReggieHedgie Papyrus Caught a Human :iconreggiehedgie:ReggieHedgie 3,764 402 The perfect crime by zarla The perfect crime :iconzarla:zarla 1,943 173 Don't ask for much really by zarla Don't ask for much really :iconzarla:zarla 5,465 812 [MILD SPOILERS] You're both in BIG trouble by zarla [MILD SPOILERS] You're both in BIG trouble :iconzarla:zarla 5,226 503
Some awesome stuff that's rather cool.


Just tell me what kind of dragon you want (Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Etc.) and I'll draw it. feathered and non-feathered too. But as a Warning, if you ask for an undead dragon (Zombie or skeleton) then It'll probably end up looking like crap, cause I'm not good at either of those things XD
Just whatever character you want really. OC or your favorite from a fandom. I'll draw it. (Though there are some things I won't do, Such as mature content stuff and nude pics. Blood is fine tho) you can also ask for it to be digital, done with markers, or done with pencils.



Fluffeh-Shiba's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hiya! I'm Fluffeh-Shiba (obviously :P) and this here is (obviously) my profile! If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them! Also, I would like to ask for feedbaclk/Comments on my art. Ya know, just what you think and maybe some tips for how to Improve ;) . Welp, hope ya have fun~!

Some things about me :

Fav Song : Reset 'Thank you version' from Okami

Fav Pizza : Orange Chicken teryaki

Fav Drink : Mocha Frappe from Mcdonalds

Fav Cat Breed : Munchkin

Fav Dog Breed : Shiba Inu (*looks at username* yep, no one would ever guess THAT... :P)

Fav Tv Show : Ninjago. Duh

Fav Anime : can't decide between Inuyasha and Naruto...

Fav Console Game : Okami

Fave PC Game : ... I can't decide.

Obsessed with : Spinosaurs and Speedpaints.

Fav Ninjago Episode : The Green Ninja from season 2

Fav Nexo Knights Episode : Open Mike Knight from season 2

Fav Characters : Jestro, Lloyd Garmadon, Tai Lung, Doctor Strange, Loki, Luna, Discord, Q, Aragorn, Genie, Owen Grady, Alan Grant, Skipper, Hiccup Horrendous Haddok, Toothless, and Bad Cop/Good Cop

Oh, almsot forgot! I'd also be happy to do Art trades with just about anyone, so feel free to ask! :D
Watch out guys! Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked. 

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.

.. IDK. figured I'd do this anyway.

last thing I'd do is put up porn... pfft. I can't even bring myself to throw insults at my friends during their 'insult-everyone-and-laugh-about-it' moments during game sessions XD

But, ya'know, just in case anyone doesn't know how much of a whimp I am :P


Just completed the True Pacifist Route in Undertale last night. the feels... I legit cried at the end. really wish we could've saved Asriel...

I had so much fun playing Undertale, honestly... I'm tempted to do a true reset just to play it again... but I dunno...
What do you guys think? Cause I can't decide on what to do here... (mainly cause I know Sans remembers resets... I have no idea about the true resets... I mean, I know its just a game, but still...)
I have a question.

Does anyone know how to get shimejis to work? or how to get them in the first place? Cause I know there's undertale shimejis, and I just can't resist the idea of having a bunch of mini sans crawling around my screen. (mainly just fell, ink, and error :P)

But yeah, youtube is not helping with tu-toriels Toriel Icon and I can't figure it out.... so.... help? Sweating a little... 
Just took a quiz here  on which alternate Universe Sans I am.

Apparently I'm the Original/Undertale Sans ( I was sorta hoping for Error. he's pretty cool :P)
Me : *reads comment on recent lesserpuns pic* huh... wow. that's the first rude comment I've gotten so far! :P
*few seconds later*
Me : but now I feel sorta sad, cause it was sorta rude...
*few more seconds later*
Me : Meh. I'm over it.

Yeah... that's me right now :P

Just gonna say. I'm not even gonna respond to rude/hate comments, cause I honestly don't know how to respond to them. I'll still respond to the not-rude ones tho ;)
I made a few discoveries yesterday...
1 : I really need to stop staying up all night. my brain can't work properly without sleep

2 : Netflix has Fairy Tail again! AWE YEAH! :D

3 : its really boring when your the only person in the house...

Anyway, I'll probably have some Fariy Tail art coming in every now and then. my attention is still stuck on Undertale tho :P


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